Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives + Immunity Boost

Woman sitting on blue bed holding matcha latte

Sometimes, it’s what’s inside that really counts. And that couldn’t be truer when it comes to two of our favorite ways to make health conscious moves this season.

New Immunity BoostAsk for Immunity Boost in any of your favorite drinks to help strengthen your immune system though the long winter months ahead. Immunity Boost is slightly sweet and pair well with any drink, but we especially love it in our Matcha Green Tea Latte, Brown Sugar Chai Tea Latte, or  Peanut Butter Power Smoothies. Don’t forget, you’re worth it.

Coffee on table

New Non-Dairy Milk AlternativesHave you tried Oat Milk yet? Joining our standard lineup of Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives for a Limited Time Only, our rich Oat Milk is the Non-Dairy answer to those looking for a plant-based alternative to cream in their drinks. We recommend asking for it with our Sea Salt Caramelicious, but it pairs well with just about anything on our menu.

Top shot of three cups of coffee sitting on blue table with oats, almonds and coconut

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