Everything we do is based on the values that we at Scooter's Coffee believe in and live by. The result? A company that recognizes relationships are the foundation of our success, and at the end of the day, relationships are what really matter.

Cultivating Relationships

Coffee Farmers
& Their Families

This is where it all begins, with personal visits, farmer direct trade, and mutual respect. We couldn’t be more grateful for our friends located on family farms all over the globe, who grow the Scooter’s Coffee specialty graded coffee beans.


Franchisees are dear to our hearts. When people choose to own a Scooter's Coffee, they're fully supported every step of the way, with autonomy, guidance, and encouragement.

Team Members

Simply put, we like and respect one another. Love, after all, is among our core values. We're the recipients of it, and our aim is to share it, no matter what role we play in the company.


Customers love Scooter's Coffee not only for our amazing coffee, but also the genuine happiness our baristas share with each other and with customers. We see you and care about you.

Harvesting Excellence From Micro Mills

A key element of Scooter's Coffee is the focus of micro mills, which are small, family-operated coffee farms.

Why are micro mills important?

  • Micro mills handle all coffee processing onsite, ensuring attention to detail and quality.
  • Scooter's Coffee buys directly from micro mill farmers, paying above market price.
  • Better prices allow farmers to invest in their business and community.
More About Micro Mills