1. January 31, 2023

    Enjoy Free Extra Shot Week and Learn How We’re Taking Farm-to-Cup Coffee to the Next Level

    It’s free extra shot week at Scooter’s Coffee®, which means you can enjoy an extra shot of our freshly pulled espresso in your specialty coffee drink now through February 2, 2023. The question is, will you enjoy your rich espresso with a Sea Salt Caramelicious®, Crème Brulee Latte or Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam? Mention you'd like to add an extra shot during this time!

    Speaking of fresh, rich espresso, do you ever wonder how it’s made?

    At Scooter’s®, our coffee comes from the valued relationships we have formed with extraordinary coffee growers. They go the extra mile every day to deliver some of the highest quality coffee beans in the world, ensuring you get a farm-to-cup

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  2. November 13, 2022

    Inspire Kindness on World Kindness Day

    Today is World Kindness Day, a day to take a moment to reflect on how you can be kind to others and yourself. The core values at Scooter’s Coffee® are Integrity, Love, Humility, and Courage; we believe in and practice these values every day. These values also define our service and commitment to our valued customers, coffee farmers, franchisees, and team members.

    Here is a sample of kind gestures you can practice today, or any day!

    1. Text heart emojis to family and friends.
    2. Give a compliment to someone.
    3. Send a Scooter’s Coffee e-gift card to a friend.
    4. Take some time for yourself; do an activity that brings you joy.
    5. Bring a coworker their favorite Scooter’s Coffee
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  3. November 11, 2022

    Raise a Cup as a Thank You to Veterans in Honor of Their Service

    In honor of Veterans Day, Scooter’s Coffee® is giving back to those who have proudly served our country. On Friday, Nov. 11, 2022, veterans can present their military I.D. at any participating Scooter’s Coffee location (while supplies last) to receive a free drink of any size.

    Scooter’s Coffee customers, dedicated franchisees and employees are passionate about veterans. In August, and in connection with Purple Heart Day, we provided customers the opportunity to support veterans through our partnership with Wounded Warriors Family Support. They had the option of adding $1 or more to their order with all proceeds benefiting WWFS and its mission of helping combat-wounded veterans and families of veterans wounded, injured or kil

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  4. September 28, 2022

    Courage Cookies Help Propel Breast Cancer Research Forward

    As we enter Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Scooter’s Coffee® is teaming up again with customers and The Pink Agenda in the fight against breast cancer, which is the second most common cancer among women in the United States.

    Each year, The Pink Agenda, nonprofit organization, funds breast cancer research and educational and advocacy efforts. Scooter’s Coffee customers will have the opportunity to support this life-saving research by adding a donation to their order or purchasing a Courage Cookie – 20% of Courage Cookie sales are donated to The Pink Agenda. Thanks to the generosity of Scooter’s Coffee customers, employees, and franchisees, more than 243,000 Courage Cookies were sold last year, resulting in more than $143,000 being donated to The Pink Agenda.<

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  5. September 06, 2022

    Teacher Appreciation Day

    Scooter’s Coffee® Says Thank You to Teachers with Free Drink

    Wednesday, Sept. 7, is for the teachers! In appreciation of our country’s educators and all they do to help us learn and be the best we can be, Scooter’s Coffee® is offering teachers a free drink of any size on our Teacher Appreciation Day.

    Teachers are not only passionate about what they do, but they also exemplify Scooter’s Coffee core values of Integrity, Love, Humility, and Courage, day in and day out. We thank teachers in our hometown communities for their leadership, courage, and flexibility.

    Scooter’s Coffee has a wide variety of tasty drinks for teachers to enjoy, whether they want to fuel their day or stop by for a treat served amazingly fast on their way home from school. Not sure what to get? Our fall-themed options include the Pumpkin Caramelicious®, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and

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  6. August 03, 2022

    See the Difference a Dollar Can Make: Scooter’s Coffee® Joining Forces with Wounded Warriors Family Support

    A $1 donation can go a long way in helping combat-wounded veterans and families of veterans wounded, injured, or killed in action.

    From now until August 12, Scooter’s Coffee® is teaming up with Wounded Warriors Family Support (WWFS), a nonprofit run by combat veterans for combat veterans. For a fifth straight year, customers have the opportunity to add $1 to their order with all proceeds directly supporting WWFS.

    Last year, the generosity of Scooter’s Coffee customers, employees and franchise owners contributed approximately $44,000 to the WWFS cause! With your help, we can raise more than ever before.

    In addition to offering a welding training program that allows veterans to train and test for a 6G through 4F welding certification, WWFS provides grants and modified vehicles for combat-wounded veterans through Mobility is Freedom. The program aims to enhance the quality of life for wounded vete

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  7. May 28, 2022

    A Snack for Every Sign

    A Snack for Every Sign

    Have you ever wondered which Scooter’s Coffee food item you should try, solely based on your zodiac sign? Probably not, but read on if you’re excited to find out anyway!


    Me whenever an astrology post shows up

    Me: Checks own sign

    Me: Checks crush’s sign

    Me: Nice

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  8. May 24, 2022

    Memorial Weekend Sale

    Our Memorial Weekend Sale is here! Take 15% off your online order 5/27 – 5/30 with code "SUMMER15". Please note, gift cards are excluded from this promotion.  

    Check out our shopping suggestions below!

    At-Home Coffee

    Q: What’s the worst thing ever to run out of? A: COFFEE

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  9. May 05, 2022

    Nurse & Healthcare Appreciation Day 2022

    Calling all Nurses & Healthcare workers! May 6th is Nurse & Healthcare Appreciation Day at Scooter's Coffee.

    Thank you text above a heart and cup of coffee icon

    “As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul, and body of our patients, their families, and ourselves. They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

    Have you heard the news? Friday, May 6, 2022 is Nurse & Healthcare Appreciation Day at Scooter’s Coffee! We need your help in sharing the news far and wide, so we don’t leave a single healthcare worker uninformed. On to the need-to-know details…

    Healthcare professionals are eligible to receive a FREE DRINK of any size on May 6, 2022. At participating locations.

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  10. April 29, 2022

    Coffee Lovers Trivia

    Coffee Lovers Trivia

    You love coffee, but do you know coffee?

    Find out by answering ten questions below!

    Hot and iced drink on ground by flowers

    1. Coffee dates back to:

    1. 800
    2. 1000
    3. 1550
    4. 1740

    2. Which country grows the most coffee in the world?

    1. Colombia
    2. Brazil
    3. Vietnam
    4. Costa Rica

    3. Espresso

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