Even More Amazing

Treat your body to a little extra love and personalize your drink to support your goals! Add any of the following to your drink to strengthen your immune system, try a dairy alternative, and/or give your day a boost.

Immunity Boost

BENEFITS: Supports overall health and wellness.

TASTE: Natually Flavored and slightly sweet.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: 20 calories per serving.

CAN BE ADDED TO: Any drink.

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Plant-Based Milk Alternatives

New Oat Milk

TASTE: Extra creamy, smooth, and sweet.

GREAT WHEN ADDED TO: Hot and iced lattes.

Almond Milk

TASTE: Subtly nutty and floral.

GREAT WHEN ADDED TO: Flavored lattes.

Soy Milk

TASTE: Creamy, vegan goodness.


Coconut Milk

TASTE: Exotic flavor, disctinct taste.

GREAT WHEN ADDED TO: Hot and iced lattes.

Superperson Fuel


An excellent source of B6, B12, Vitamin C, Guarana, and natural energy from Green tea extract.

BENEFITS: Can help fight fatigue, increase stamina, and boost vitality - all while reducing stress.

CAN BE ADDED TO: Any blended drink or smoothie.


TASTE: Hint of vanilla ice cream flavor.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: 22 grams of protein.

EXTRA SHOT: Any drink with espresso.

Extra Shot

CAN BE ADDED TO: Any drink with espresso.

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