Check out our July featured monthly menu, brimming with frosty drinks, savory bites, and sweet treats!

Caramelicious and Old Fashioned Donut Bites

Old-Fashioned Donut Bites

We took the beloved old-fashioned donut - with a sweet, sour cream recipe for the moistest, most delicious donut ever - and made it into the perfect size to treat yourself, anytime of day. With an icing glaze, this Donut Bite is a bit of old-fashioned modern love.

Carmelicious Latte

Available hot, iced, or blended! Buttery smooth caramel sauce, frothy hot milk, and our world-class espresso combine for a fabulous flavor, and we top our signature drink with fluffy whipped cream drizzled with more caramel. You can’t help but sip and smile.

Bacon Ciabatta Sandwich and Bacon Burrito

Bacon Ciabatta Sandwich

From our favorite food group - bacon - comes this ultimate breakfast combo on a fresh, flavorful ciabatta bun along with melted Gouda cheese and egg. Coming in at under 350 calories, our Bacon Ciabatta Sandwich is sure to please!

Bacon Burrito

Now with more protein! Give in to your bacon craving with this savory burrito filled with bacon, light and fluffy scrambled eggs, and the smoothest-ever blend of melted Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, all wrapped up in a steamy flour tortilla. It’s a protein-packed classic breakfast. We had you at bacon, didn’t we?

Three Quenchers on table

Watermelon Cucumber Mint 

Talk about hitting refresh. Nothing cools and quenches quite like this combo of watermelon, cuke, and mint! A base of fruit juice and best in the world green coffee extract provides a natural boost of energy, and the trifecta of fresh flavors — sweet watermelon, gentle cucumber, and invigorating mint — makes it an icy perfect way to upgrade your day. You can substitute the water in your Quencher for lemonade, tea, or coconut milk, too, to switch things up. Who’s on thirst? Scooter’s is.

Dragon Fruit 

*NEW* Take an island-esque escape via our Dragon Fruit Quencher. It starts with fruit juice and world-class green coffee extract for natural energy, and to it we add dragon fruit, a light, luscious cross between a pear and a kiwi. Then comes the perfect complement to dragon fruit: slightly tart, juicy lychee — a bit grape-y, with a hint of rose — and there you have it. Exotic in a cup! You can switch out water in this special iced Quencher with lemonade, tea, or coconut milk, too. A trip to the tropics is just a sip away at your hometown Scooter’s Coffee.

Strawberry Acai 

Say hi to Acai in this popular Quencher. With a base of fruit juice and green coffee extract for natural energy, this iced Quencher features fresh strawberry and super-food acai juice for a sweet, healthful, and happy taste. You can substitute water in your Quencher for lemonade, tea, or coconut milk, too. Any way you slice it, it’s a berry good choice. 

Hot and Iced S'mores Latte

S’mores Latte 

Available hot, iced, or blended! Oh, s’mores, we love you, but not so much the mess. Behold our S’mores Latte, with all the delish, but in a drink! We combine our world-class espresso and frothed milk of your choosing with the amazing chocolatey, marshmallowy, graham-crackery flavor of s’mores, and top it with our signature whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. All of the sweet, none of the scorch.

Strawberry and Mango smoothie on yellow background

Add protein, energy, or immunity to your favorite Scooter’s Smoothie!

Strawberry Smoothie

Our classic strawberry smoothie remains a favorite for a reason. Sweet, refreshing, and an excellent choice any time of day. Strawberry feels forever.

Mango Smoothie

It takes two to mango. Our mango smoothie, all tropical flavors blended to chilled perfection, is calling your name, you know. We think you’ll make the perfect match.

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