Camp Scooter’s Is in Session

10 Fun Family Activities to Try in Your Own Neighborhood this Summer

Parents and children in backyard around campfire

  1. Camp in Your Backyard

No need to go far this season, backyard camping is an easy way to inject a little fun into your weekend! Instead of breaking the bank, collect the necessary supplies by borrowing a tent, cooler, or anything you might need from a friend. Plan an easy dinner you can quickly grill (or run inside to use the microwave - we’ll never tell), and surprise the kids with Scooter’s for breakfast and a S’mores Latte for you in the morning! You might need an extra shot of espresso in your drink, but the memories are totally worth it.

  1. Plan a Bike Parade with Neighbors

Is there anything more majestic than a childhood parade? Utilize your neighborhood’s social media group or hop on an app like Next Door and invite families in your area to join you for a bike parade through your closest park! Remember, safety first,

  1. Hold a Chalk Your Sidewalk Mural Contest

Have kiddos with an interest in art? Invite a few friends on the block to participate in a chalk your sidewalk mural contest! Turn the blocks of your sidewalk into individual murals with any sidewalk chalk you have on hand or create a driveway size mural if you’re feeling ambitious! Don’t forget to pick up some of our famous Chocolate Chip Cookies or Old-Fashioned Donut Bites to reward participants for their awesome creations!

Family laughing on patio

  1. Find a Hydrant Party

Stay cool this summer by searching your city’s websites to see if any fire hydrant parties are being held in your area. There’s often a list of dates by neighborhood, with times to splash for both big and little kids. No hydrant party in your area? Contact your local community center or parks department for a list of upcoming events!

  1. Paint Rocks

You know those great activities where you already have everything you need to complete them? Save painting rocks for a day when you need a no-brainer activity to keep the kids occupied. Find rocks in your own yard or at a local park, set out tempura or acrylic paint on disposable paper plates, and let the kids go wild! Bonus points: Let them think of a fun theme like outdoor creatures, the first letter of their names, portraits, or summertime.

  1. Host a Neighborhood Clean-Up Day

Inspire your neighbors to participate in a clean-up day, starring your local park, your city block, or closest school! Each family can provide their own trash bag and make sure the littles are in charge of pointing out the trash instead of handling it, leave that to the adults!

Kids laughing in tent

  1. Create a Backyard Scavenger Hunt

What can you discover in your own backyard? You’ll be amazed! Surprise your kids with a backyard scavenger hunt tailored to what you might be able to find in your area. Ideas include furry animals, plants, rocks, birds, nests, flowers, and more.

  1. Find a Free Concert Near You

Tap into family fun websites for your area to find free concerts, firework displays, farmers markets, and more! Bonus points if they’re close enough that you can walk to as a family. And don’t forget to pick up icy beverages for everyone to stay cool!

  1. Press Summer Flowers

Have flowers in your yard? It’s fun to pick a few and press them between the pages of a book. If not, get adventurous and try pressing anything from dandelions to interesting leaves. Check back on them later in the summer and create homemade cards by gluing your dried finds onto paper. Too sweet!

Family playing game

  1. Host a Board Game Night

We were raised on board game days AND nights, but this tradition has been less popular in recent years. Dig out old favorites like UNO, Jenga, Monopoly, Life, Battleship, and more and have an entire evening devoted to teaching the littles about all your family’s board game traditions. If it’s nice out, you can even try it on your patio!


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