OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 21, 2024 – The Spring menu at Scooter’s Coffee brings new ways for cereal fans and cinnamon lovers to get their fix while also bringing back a minty springtime customer favorite.

What do you get when you combine your favorite cereal with your favorite latte? Introducing the Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ Latte! This new favorite brings together our world-class espresso with the perfect combination of spicy-sweet cinnamon and brown sugar for that nostalgic deliciousness you’ll love. Topped with real whipped cream and sprinkled with crunchy bits of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, this limited-time drink is one of our happiest hits. Whether you prefer it hot, iced, or blended with our amazing ice cream base, don’t miss out on this toasty treat!

There’s more spice where that came from. We’ve taken our smooth, slow-steeped cold brew and infused it with cinnamon to create our new Cinnamon Crème Cold Brew! Perfectly balanced with a splash of heavy whipping cream, this savory new limited-time drink is topped with an indulgent layer of a sweet, cinnamon flavored cold foam that starts each sip with perfection.

The return of spring means you’re in luck at Scooter’s Coffee! The Lucky Leprechaun blender, a customer favorite, returns to bring a rich and refreshing spin to your day. Our delicious ice cream base is churned with ice and blended with smooth white chocolate and cool mint. Espresso can be added upon request. We top it all off with smooth whipped cream and sprinkled chips of chocolate mints.

For the first time ever, kids can get their own taste of our Lucky Leprechaun drink with the new Lil’ Leprechaun! This kids-sized version includes our yummy ice cream base blended with ice and cool mint flavor. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate mint chips, this emerald-colored treat will put a smile on any child’s face! The Lucky Leprechaun and Lil’ Leprechaun are only around for a limited time, so Scoot on Around™ for this minty delight soon!

Starting earlier this week, customers using the Scooter’s Coffee mobile app could get their hands on this refreshing green drink early. Download the app today so you don’t miss out on future early access opportunities to try out our newest menu items before they’re officially added to the menu.

Pair any of these delicious drinks with our new Caramelicious® Cake Bite! We’ve taken our decadent signature Caramelicious flavor and infused it into the perfect bite-sized snack. You’ll find a creamy caramel filling inside each caramel-infused cake bite topped with our classic white icing and caramel-colored sprinkles.

Get your taste of cinnamon and spring at a Scooter’s Coffee location near you. Visit or download the Scooter’s Coffee app to find your local Scooter’s Coffee location.