Make the best of your summer with our family-friendly list of 25 suggestions below!

Top down shot of parent and child

  1. Watch a baseball game
  2. Bake something with a fresh seasonal ingredient
  3. Fly a kite
  4. Visit a museum
  5. Plant a butterfly garden
  6. Make a bird feeder and go bird watching
  7. Have a picnic
    Woman smiling drinking coffee
  8. Fill a backpack with snacks and go on a walk or hike
  9. Pick flowers
  10. Visit a farmer’s market
  11. Read a book outdoors
  12. Blow bubbles
  13. Walk barefoot in the grass
  14. Grow a new plant from seed
  15. Watch a movie that reminds you of spring
  16. Go puddle hopping on a rainy day
    Child and parent with activity book
  17. Visit a local farm or nursery
  18. Eat ice cream outside
  19. Overhaul a room that’s in need of a spring cleaning
  20. Create an outdoor scavenger hunt
  21. Visit a botanical garden or a new-to-you park in your area
  22. Surprise friends with Scooter’s Coffee and pastries for brunch
  23. Make a flower arrangement
  24. Blow dandelions
  25. Plan a summer adventure