Living online? You’re not alone! Here are five ways to unplug and connect in meaningful ways this year.

Overhead shot of coffee cup by computer

1. Try a digital detox
Start by taking one hour a day away from your phone, computer or tablet. Increase your time away from there.

2. Take it outside
Leave your phone behind and take a walk, run, or simply sit outside if you can. Bring a book, music, or simply enjoy the silence.

3. Make space
Out of sight, out of mind definitely applies when it comes to our devices! Plug yours in to charge as far away as possible in your home and you won’t think about checking it as often.

Person sitting in bed with coffee reading a book

4. Habit swap
If you’re used to scrolling on your phone before bed, try something new! Reading a book or listening to soft music, writing in a journal, or meditation are all great ways to unwind without your devices.

5. Be mindful of your reasons
Make a list of things that are important to you, and how technology can impact those things, both positively and negatively. Be mindful of your own intentions behind changing your habits, and you’ll be making positive moves before you know it!