The Summer menu at Scooter’s Coffee brings together the best flavors of summer—from refreshing new fruit flavors and smoothies to the campfire staple of s’mores to new treats and snacks sure to add a sweet or savory touch to any fun-filled summer activities.

Hit the refresh button – our new Quenchers are the perfect fruit-flavored refreshment to complement a hot sunny day. Our Strawberry Lime Quencher and our Pineapple Mint Quencher are two new refreshing options filled with natural fruit flavors and pieces of freeze-dried fruits. We recommend pairing them with our tangy lemonade or switch things up with creamy coconut milk or green tea!


Picture yourself around the bonfire and avoid the marshmallow mess with the return of our S’mores Latte! Topped with whipped cream and graham cracker crumbles, this hot, iced, or blended favorite mixes together our world-class espresso and the classic combo of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker flavors.

Get s’more of this sweet summer flavor with our new S’mores Crème Cold Brew. It features all of the delicious s’mores flavors infused into our slow-steeped cold brew and topped with our new s’mores flavored cold foam and graham cracker crumbles. This new delightful drink also pairs well with our new S’mores Cookie featuring all of the essentials baked in: Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers! All of these s’mores options are available for a limited time.

Need a satisfying on-the-go snack? Introducing Pretzel Snackers™ at Scooter’s Coffee! These soft and chewy baked pretzel bites are served warm with a buttery coating and coarse, crunchy salt. With either a creamy caramel or mild cheddar dipping sauce, you can choose between a sweet or savory satisfying snack.


Pretzel Snackers aren’t just for grown-ups. Kids can join in the snacking with our new Kid’s Combo Box, combining one of our Lil’ Smiley™ smoothies with either a trio of Pretzel Snackers or a pair of mini rainbow sugar cookies. Best of all: There’s a fun surprise waiting in every exciting Kid’s Combo Box!

What’s better than one of our fruit smoothies on a hot sunny day? How about two delicious fruit flavors in one amazing drink? Our Fruit Flavor Duo Smoothie puts you in control of your cooldown. Choose two of any of our delicious smoothie flavors to mix: Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Strawberry Banana, or Wild Berry. The flavors swirl together for a new twist on your favorite smoothie!

Make Scooter’s Coffee your summer refreshment stop! Scoot on Around™ to your local Scooter’s Coffee location or learn more about your new favorites at