Mondays won’t be so Monday-like in May with half off our new Scooter’s Coffee Quenchers when you use the mobile app.

Sip and savor our refreshing fruit-flavored drinks and welcome the vibrant energy of summer with our Strawberry Lime Quencher and our Pineapple Mint Quencher. These two new refreshing options are filled with natural fruit flavors and pieces of freeze-dried fruits. We recommend pairing them with our tangy lemonade or switch things up with creamy coconut milk or green tea!

Be sure to take advantage of this amazing offer throughout the month of May. The offer is valid for one Quencher of any size per customer anytime during business hours on each Monday in May. Customers must use the Scooter’s Coffee mobile app to redeem the offer when they scan for rewards, scan to pay, or order ahead. Customers can find the offer in the app’s Rewards section each Monday in May.

Make Scooter’s Coffee your summer refreshment stop! Scoot on Around™ to your local Scooter’s Coffee location or learn more about your new favorites at