Fall So Hard for Our New Featured Menu!

Fall so hard this season for pumpkin spice and all things cozy and nice! That’s right, leaves are falling, and autumn is calling you to Scooter’s Coffee® scrumptious and fresh fall menu.


Pumpkin Caramelicious®
When we add all the notes of fall to our signature Caramelicious®, a symphony of flavors sings to your senses. Our world-class espresso melded with creamy caramel and hot, textured milk is intertwined with all the pumpkin spices - cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and more - creating a perfect medley in a cup. The encore to the Pumpkin Caramelicious® is decadent whipped cream caramel drizzle.


Pumpkin Spice Latte
Oh, how we’ve missed you, pumpkin spice. Make the most of every fall moment with our Pumpkin Spice Latte. Our deeply satisfying espresso married with hot, textured milk, and the spices that make you smile: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and more. It’s a limited-time love, so enjoy it a latte.

Pumpkin Cold Foam
Layer this amazing new Pumpkin Cold Foam on any iced or blended drink to make it instantly fabulous. With a velvety, fluffy texture made from nonfat milk and smooth pumpkin flavor, this limited-time topping gets our special finishing touches like caramel drizzle on our iced Pumpkin Caramelicious® and a dusting of sweet cinnamon on our Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte. Layer on the perfection!


Maple Vanilla Latte
Our Maple Vanilla Latte might just inspire you to don a flannel and tap a tree - that’s how rich and gentle the maple syrup-flavor greets your senses. Paired with our signature espresso, hot, textured milk, subtle ginger, and sweet vanilla, this is a favorite among our fall cast of flavors.

Maple Spice Cold Foam
Experience the taste of fresh maple spice when you layer this new Maple Spice Cold Foam on any iced or blended drink. Its velvety, fluffy texture is made from nonfat milk and maple spice syrup, and it’ll instantly transport you to the best fall feels, whether you try it on a Cold Brew, Iced Maple Vanilla Latte, or whatever your autumnal heart desires.

Pomegranate Peach Red Bull® Infusion

Give your senses a thrill with this super fresh fruit combo. Pomegranate offers a surprisingly deep fruit taste, complemented by juicy peach and a hint of dark cherry, all synergized by the tropical flavor and zing of Red Bull®. The result is a perfect drink that's rich, fruity, and festive. Cheers!

Caramel Apple Mini Loaf
You know what they say – a caramel apple a day keeps the cravings away. We start with an amazing, baked-from-scratch super moist cake made with real apples and all the fall spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, plus buttery caramel goodness mixed in, then we melt toffee pieces on top. Is your mouth watering for our Caramel Apple Mini Loaf yet?

Pumpkin Caramelicious® Muffin
Never were three words more tantalizing than Pumpkin Caramelicious® Muffin! Yep, we took flavors from our signature Caramelicious® latte, such as the buttery caramel flavor, and added the warm sweetness of pumpkin spice to bake them into a ridiculously delicious muffin. You can’t not.


Maple Waffle Sandwich
Savory + sweet = true love with our Maple Waffle Sandwich. Our fluffy, golden, touch-of-sweet waffles are married with juicy, just-enough-spice sausage, a perfectly cooked egg, and rich cheddar cheese to seal the deal. These ingredients were made for each other…and they’re made with love for you.

Are you going to answer the call for fall? Take a peek at our new limited-time menu, crafted with the highest-quality ingredients.