It’s time to upgrade your everyday fave.

Our customers come to us for quality coffee drinks and daily delights, delivered fast and with love. Hit the refresh button this year with easy upgrades to all your favorite drinks.

Almond, Oat and Coconut Milk Cartons
Plant-Based Lattes

Almond Milk Latte
A gold standard among non-dairy deliciousness, almond milk is always a smart idea. This plant-derived milk is perfectly smooth, slightly nutty in a good way, and heart-healthy. Low-cal, high taste, vegan, and beautifully frothy in our world-class espresso. Choose almond milk for any hot or iced drink. The cream of the crop, literally.

Coconut Milk Latte
Devotees of all things coconut, we got you. This sweet, vegan, snow-white milk is one of our most popular plant-based choices. Its taste is subtly nutty and floral, marrying well with our robust espresso, and the rich, creamy milk froths to perfection. Try it in any hot or iced drink. Come out of your shell and give our vegan coconut milk a try.

Oat Milk Latte
You’ve gotta try this rich, creamy, plant-based craze! Oat milk is having a moment, thanks to its smooth, sweet taste and slightly thicker texture than other plant-derived milks. Frothed in our renowned, robust espresso, vegan oat milk creates an amazing latte to love. It’s perfect hot or iced drinks. Oat to self: good choice.

Iced coffee topped with cold foam
Sweet Cold Foam
Top any iced or blended drink with our handcrafted Sweet Cold Foam, made-to-order with nonfat freshly frothed milk. It’s a velvety sweet cloud that floats atop and gently melds with your drink. Try it sugar-free or infused with any of our flavored syrups.

 Hot and iced coffee 
Extra Shot

If you tend to love the rich flavor of espresso over sweeter coffee drinks, we recommend trying an extra shot in any of our signature lattes. 

Extra Flavor

Flavored coffee lovers, we got you. Did you know that we have a list of flavors on our menu that are available year-round? Upgrade any hot, iced, or blended drink with anything from toffee nut syrup to sugar-free caramel. We suggest a Vanilla Cold Brew or Raspberry Mocha! 

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