Rediscover Refreshment

Prepare to be showered with amazing Quenchers in Strawberry Acai, Peach Mango, and Kiwi Lime Prickly Pear, plus our mad popular Butterscotch Cold Foam and super fave Caramelicious®.

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Strawberry and green colored iced drinks

Strawberry Acai

Best of the berries. Say hi to Acai in this popular Quencher. With a base of fruit juice and green coffee extract for natural energy, this iced Quencher features fresh strawberry and super-food acai juice for a sweet, healthful, and happy taste. We suggest coconut milk as a refreshingly sweet starter, but this Quencher can be made with water, tea, or lemonade, too. Any way you slice it, it’s a berry good choice

NEW Peach Mango

Wanna hear something juicy? Here's the plot: Peach meets mango, mixes with energy-giving green coffee extract, and quenches your thirst happily ever after. This Quencher is amazing with a base of black tea! It's also available with lemonade, water, or coconut milk. Juiciest story ever. The end.

NEW Kiwi Lime Prickly Pear

A magical mix. You'll be sipping this sweet splash of refreshment all season long. Tangy lime meets its sweet counterparts, kiwi and melon-esque prickly pear juice; together they have a party with our green coffee extract, and you're invited. We suggest lemonade as the perfect starter, but this Quencher can be made with water, tea, or coconut milk, too. This is sunshine in a cup.

Iced coffee topped with cold foam on blue background
Butterscotch Cold Foam

Candy comes to life! Take your favorite flavor from childhood, infuse it with the new favorite Cold Foam, and enjoy euphoria in your cup. Top any iced or blended drink with our handcrafted Cold Foam, made-to-order with nonfat freshly frothed milk. It's a velvety sweet cloud that floats atop and gently melds with your drink. When we add rich butterscotch flavor to our Cold Foam, it becomes simply sublime. You'll see.

Iced coffee drink topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle on blue background

In this cool classic we combine rich, velvety caramel sauce, world-class espresso, and milk, all poured over ice. To make this star shine even brighter, we swirl it with whipped cream and drizzle it with more creamy caramel sauce. Available hot, iced, and blended.

Red velvet cake bite with red sprinkles
Red Velvet Cake Bite

Palm-size perfection. When it comes to the incredibly rich, dense deliciousness of our homemade Red Velvet Cake Bites, this palm-size is juuuust right. We actually mix our cake with real cream cheese frosting to create an amazing bite of bliss, all super moist, cocoa-infused decadence and cover it with sprinkles. Big taste, small size, no guilt.


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