The Sweet and Sour Refreshments of Summer: Make ‘em Yours

Take your afternoon ‘pick-me-up’ up a notch with our new Red Bull® Infusion flavors.

The Sour Candy Red Bull® Infusion is sour enough to keep you interested and sweet enough to have you craving more. Mixed with a Tropical Red Bull base, this candy-inspired sweetly tart summer treat will have you reminiscing. More into razzle dazzle? Check out the Blue Raspberry Red Bull® Infusion. Its iconic taste is served over ice for a bright blue beverage full of energy and delectable sweetness.

To make ‘em your own this summer, try adding flavored Cold Foam for another layer of amazing – our Cold Foam flavor recommendations for these drinks are vanilla, raspberry, prickly-pear or coconut!

Want to skip the Red Bull®? Swap it with our pure, all-natural lemonade – perfect for the kiddos.

The choice is yours: Sour Candy or Blue Raspberry. You won’t want to miss this summertime-only sip!