Quenchers Are Back!

The need-to-know on this returning seasonal favorite

Three quenchers
Have you tried our Quenchers? This customer-favorite is back for the spring season, and we have all the info on new flavors, customizations, and more.

Let’s start with this season’s featured flavors: Strawberry Acai, Peach Mango, and Kiwi Lime Prickly Pear. Strawberry Acai may be familiar, as it is a returning favorite from years past, but Peach Mango and Kiwi Lime Prickly Pear are new this year. Read more about each below.

RETURNING Strawberry Acai

Best of the berries. Say hi to Acai in this popular Quencher. With a base of fruit juice and green coffee extract for natural energy, this iced Quencher features fresh strawberry and super-food acai juice for a sweet, healthful, and happy taste. Any way you slice it, it’s a berry good choice.

NEW Peach Mango

Wanna hear something juicy? Here's the plot: Peach meets mango, mixes with energy-giving green coffee extract, and quenches your thirst happily ever after. Juiciest story ever. The end.

NEW Kiwi Lime Prickly Pear

A magical mix. You'll be sipping this sweet splash of refreshment all season long. Tangy lime meets its sweet counterparts, kiwi and melon-esque prickly pear juice; together they have a party with our green coffee extract, and you're invited. This is sunshine in a cup.

Peach mango, kiwi lime prickly pear, and strawberry acai quenchers
Let’s talk customization.
When ordered as they come by default, our refreshing Quenchers are made with water. But you can customize each to fit your personal taste with iced tea, lemonade, or coconut milk.

We suggest the following customizations for our famous Quenchers!

Strawberry Acai + coconut milk

Peach Mango + black tea

Kiwi Lime Prickly Pear + lemonade

Quenchers are available now at a Scooter’s Coffee near you!