Scooter’s Coffee is giving its loyal and new customers something extra to celebrate this Fourth of July – the new Passion Fruit SCOOOT! Energy™ Infusion, and a festive, red, white, and blue SCOOOT! Energy Sparkler. 

The new, tropical, and tart Passion Fruit SCOOOT! Energy Infusion, available for summer, combines Passion Fruit flavor with SCOOOT Energy! Tropical, Scooter’s Coffee exclusive, proprietary energy drink that offers great flavor and a powerful jolt of energy. 

Also, beginning June 29 through July 4, customers can enjoy a SCOOOT! Energy Sparkler. This red, white, and blue holiday drink is bursting with sweet and tart tropical flavors, layered with a dollop of whipped cream and topped with Blue Raspberry Cold Foam. This drink is perfect for sipping by the pool, or under the stars and fireworks. Be sure to stop by so you don’t miss this refreshing drink. 

“Scooter’s Coffee strives to make customers smile, and we are delighted to offer fun, innovative drinks to keep the smiles going all day long,” said Mel Maryott, Director of Brand Strategy.

In addition, for the first time, Scooter’s Coffee is now offering SCOOOT! Energy Tropical in cans for purchase in-store. Cans of sugar-free SCOOOT! Energy Tropical also are available. Customers can give SCOOOT! Energy a try by ordering a fresh, crisp SCOOOT! Energy Infusion or Vertigo Smoothie™. In addition to Passion Fruit, SCOOOT! Energy Infusions are available in fresh, fruity flavors, including Prickly Pear, Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, and Coconut. Vertigo Smoothies come in Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Wild Berry, Mango, and Peach.

Make Scooter’s Coffee part of your summer celebration by visiting a location near you.