Whether you enjoy your drinks hot, iced, or blended, Scooter’s Coffee® is here with our jolly new menu to make your holidays merry, bright and full of flavor.

Peppermint Mocha
This classic features our signature mocha with a holiday twist! Our world-class espresso combined with decadent chocolate and rich, steamed milk with a cool, sweet kick of peppermint, creating the best of winter in a cup. We finish this limited-time love with a fluffy cloud of whipped cream, drizzled chocolate, and a sprinkle of peppermint chips.

Praline Caramelicious®
You can almost taste the warm, brown sugary pecans – perfect for a dollop of joy throughout the holidays. This new latte features the sweet, salty nuttiness of praline, infused with brown sugar flavor, and finished with our rich, whipped cream and caramel drizzle of course.

Sugar Cookie Latte
So good, you’ll want to take a bite out of your cup. We start with our signature rich espresso, combined with smooth white chocolate and hot, frothy milk, and infused with an amazing flavor of buttery sweet, slightly spiced cookie. This holiday-only drink is finished with a cloud of whipped cream and sugar sprinkles.

Frosted Sugar Cookie
An old-fashioned, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cookie awaits you, complete with cream cheese frosting and sugar crystals. Our Frosted Holiday Sugar Cookie makes a sweet and easy gift – especially to yourself!

Hot Chocolate
Can’t forget about the classic drink that will get you in all the holiday feels! We start with our rich, decadent chocolate, which blends perfectly with steamed milk and is topped with fluffy whipped cream.
Sip joy this season with our new holiday menu!