Who are you showing love to this season? Shop swoon-worthy gifts for anyone on your list!

Person holding a Scooter's Coffee cup in their left hand and phone with Scooter's Coffee app in their right hand

For Your Galentine (AKA a special lady in your life)

Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day? Introduced in 2010 through the sitcom “Parks and Recreation”, character Leslie Knope created a phenomenon that spread like wildfire through circles of women. It’s an excuse to get dolled up and shower your favorite ladies with love! They’ve been here through it all, to show appreciation, or say, “I miss you”, send a Gift Card this year! They’re available in-store, online, or through the Scooter’s App.

Man holding flowers next to woman holding red Scooter's Coffee bagged coffee

For the One Who Makes Coffee Every Morning

We all have our own household duties. Someone who grocery shops, someone who likes to do the dishes more than the laundry, and someone who wakes first to get a freshly brewed pot of your favorite on every morning before the sun hits your windows. To show you noticed the little things they do, sign your household up for a Scooter’s Coffee Subscription, featuring their favorite brew! You’ll never run out of the good stuff, and that’s love!

Sample box with five small bags of Scooter's Coffee on top of a pink table

For the One That Deserves a Major Treat

Whether they had a difficult year, completed some impressive acts of kindness, or did you a big favor, we all have the person in our lives that deserves a major treat! Luckily, our Coffee Collections are a no-brainer, arrive beautifully pre-boxed, and are sure to impress every time. Say you care by sending one to their home or office! Available now in hand-selected assortments of 5 or 10 varieties.