Show them you care this Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

Woman holding cup of coffee and red bag of Scooter's Blend coffee

For Your Partner:

Wake them up with a sweet card, a cup of their favorite brew, and a simple pastry or breakfast in bed. Bonus points if you make a Spotify Playlist of all of “your songs” and leave it playing on the nightstand as they wake up.

Woman in blue shirt holding cup of coffee topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle

For Your Best Friend:

Drop a friend’s signature drink on their doorstep and wave hello from car when they answer the door. Throw in a few Chocolate Chip Cookies and unlock hero status for V-Day.

White tumbler with polka dots sitting on top of books

For Your Mom:

Pick up one of our bestselling Tumblers and fill it with your mom’s favorite Tea or Coffee. Stop by her house and tell her thank you for being there this year (and every year).

Woman holding cup of coffee in her left hand and phone in her right hand

For Your Long Distance Pal:

Have a close friend who moved in the last few years? If they live near a Scooter’s, use the “Gift Store” option on the Scooter’s Coffee App and send them a gift card for a drink! It’s preloaded with so many popular drink and food suggestions, it’s almost too easy. Download the app here.

Scooter's Blend single serve cups sitting on a table

For The Friend On The Go:

We all have that friend who loves her Keurig. She has a neatly organized draw full of colorful, Single Serve Cups. Treat her to a box of her favorite brew (if you don’t know, Scooter Doodle is a good guess) with a card of encouragement.