Just like Shark Week, but with more caffeine.

Free extra shot week Jan 31 - Feb 4, 2022

Calling all espresso fans! Free Extra Shot Week runs from January 31 through February 4, 2022. What does that mean? Receive a free extra shot of espresso in any drink all week long, all you have to do is ask.

Our world-class coffee beans are blended and roasted to bring out a rich, smooth, flavorful concentrated coffee in the form of espresso. If you love espresso as much as we do, here are three drinks to order soon.

Women holding coffee cups


Saving you from a case of the yawns, one sip at a time. We add hot water to our world-class espresso for a surprisingly simple (yet satisfying) drink.

Scooter Shooter

Coffee with an extra kick. Choose from any of our fresh-brewed coffees and add a shot of our world-class espresso. Smooth and delicious with a little extra oomph for the day.


This drink has the bubbliest personality. A hot and steamy sensation, our world-class espresso is topped off with loads of frothy, hot milk. Order it dry, with just the froth, or wet, with more textured milk, and discover your perfect cup.

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