Introducing new flavors and new bags with all the same AMAZING!

We’re excited to announce a new lineup of amazing new ground coffee selections to capture our customers’ favorite flavors, like our signature Caramelicious®, as well as our better and brighter bagged coffee designs.

New bagged coffee flavors will be available online and in-store beginning November 1, just in time for the holiday season. The addition of these new fan-favorite coffee flavors means we’re retiring some of our current selections, which include Caribbean Caramel, Costa Rica Micro Mill, Guatemala Finca Especial and Hazelnut. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we hope you can find a new fab flavor to love.

If you’re currently subscribed to our Caribbean Caramel, check out the scrumptious Caramelicious®️ Ground coffee – it’s buttery and sweet like the beloved drink!

For rich, silky smoothness, try our Signature Blend – available ground or single serve – if you’re currently subscribed to the Costa Rica Micro Mill or Guatemala Finca Especial. Our Scooter’s Blend is another great option!

We haven’t forgotten about you Hazelnut lovers – the new French Vanilla is a velvety sweet and smooth flavor that you’re sure to get excited about, either ground or in single serve.

For our Single Serve cups, sweet, buttery, cinnamony Scooter Doodle is the perfect substitute for Hazelnut and Caribbean Caramel. Deep, rich and smooth Scooter’s Blend will keep you happy if you’ve enjoyed our Colombia Single Serve cups.

Our Scooter’s Espresso will now be available with whole beans only. All other flavors will be available ground only. If you subscribe to a whole-bean flavor, you will also need to re-subscribe.

Coffee subscriptions will automatically end on October 31, so be sure to find your new favorite and resubscribe online! Subscriptions to existing flavors with a new bag design will continue as normal.