Born in 1998. Amazing straight out the gate.

Three women holding coffee

Did someone say Caramelicious?

Our signature drink debuted in the fall of 1998 at the suggestion from a barista, and quickly became the drink Scooter’s Coffee is most known for. Read more about it below!

Women with coffee and balloon at table

Available hot, iced, and blended, this customer favorite is also available in many seasonal variations, such as our current feature, Sea Salt Caramelicious. Ask any chef: a sprinkle of salt takes sweet straight to heaven. So of course, we had to re-create our signature Caramelicious - world-class espresso, frothy hot milk, and whipped cream - but with sea salt caramel inside. A drizzle of caramel finishes this amazing drink.

Woman drinking coffee blender

Our most popular drink is a Caramelicious Blender, featuring world-class espresso with rich, velvety caramel sauce, blended in our ice cream base. This classic is topped with fluffy whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. Such a treat.

Woman holding muffin

Hungry for more? We muffinized our signature flavor into our delicious Caramelicious Muffin! All the buttery sweet caramelly lusciousness of the latte, but in a moist, rich muffin of amazement. You'll need the nearest Scooter's stat.

Woman holding iced coffee drink

Last, but definitely not least, we are now featuring Caramelicious Cold Foam, for a limited time!
The new must-have on any iced or cold-blended drink, our made-to-order Cold Foam is handcrafted with nonfat freshly frothed milk. It's a velvety sweet cloud that floats atop and gently melds with your drink. Once infused with our beloved buttery Caramelicious flavor, it elevates your drink to cold-foam fabulousness.

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