Your taste buds will thank you for the refreshment they crave with our customer-favorite Scooter’s Quenchers™ drinks! These natural energy-packed sips are sure to quench your thirst with their unmatched sweet yet tart flavor. 

Strawberry Acai Quencher with Lemonade
A juicy take on a classic drink, this thirst-quenching sip combines the refreshingly fruity flavors of strawberries and acai with all-natural lemonade to create the perfect pair that will ease you into those warmer days and sunny rays.

Peach Mango Quencher with Black Tea
Tropical getaway anyone? Scoot through the drive-thru and revitalize your senses with this sweet paradise in a cup. Black tea provides the base for invigorating peach, mango, and green coffee extract to harmonize the happiest, healthiest taste. 

Looking for some more afternoon sip ideas from Scooter’s®? You’ve come to the right place.

Lemonade is perfect for those who want a drink that packs a punch without the energy boost. This naturally made, lemony-fresh sip will have you grinning ear to ear with its perfectly tart and sweet combo. 

Scooter’s Energy Infusions are exceptionally crisp and equally thirst-quenching. Infuse Red Bull with delicious flavors to create a perfect, energizing boost. Smoothies are blended and chilled to perfection with flavors such as strawberry, wild berry, strawberry banana, mango, or peach. 

For a healthy smoothie option, try our Matcha Green Tea Smoothie. For something sweet and creamy, indulge in our Peanut Butter Power. For those who want to skip the creamy base, we suggest our Fruit ‘N Ice Smoothies

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