Grab your favorite Scooter’s Coffee handcrafted holiday drink and seasonal treat, because we have 31 joyous holiday activities to fill up your wintery December days!

Family hanging star on tree

Day 1: Visit a tree farm and chop down your own Evergreen tree.

Day 2: Decorate your home with festive lights and decor.

Day 3: Send holiday greeting cards to friends and family.

Day 4: Stretch your holiday budget by scoping out the best deals. Plus, find great gifts at the Scooter’s Coffee Holiday Shop!

Day 5: Create homemade holiday decorations, such as a wreath or garland.

Day 6: Make a holiday countdown chain or calendar.

Day 7: Sit down and have a holiday movie marathon.

Day 8: Make your own ornaments.

Day 9: Wrap holiday presents.

Day 10: Create your own ugly holiday sweater.

Day 11: Throw a holiday party with a gift exchange.

Day 12: Create your own festive playlist or check out our Scootin' Through the Holidays.

Day 13: Attend a holiday lighting display ceremony.

Day 14: Spend the day playing your favorite board games or holiday-themed games, such as a scavenger hunt or ring around the reindeer antlers.

Day 15: Drive around your community to view holiday light displays.

Day 16: Attend a holiday event, concert or performance.

Day 17: Go caroling.

Day 18: Build a gingerbread house.

Day 19: Bake and decorate holiday cookies and treats.

Day 20: Donate gifts to a family in need.

Day 21: Build a snowman or make snow angels.

Day 22: Have a holiday movie marathon.

Day 23: Make reindeer food.

Day 24: Take a holiday family photo.

Day 25: Cozy up by the fire with some fuzzy socks and a soft, warm blanket as you enjoy a festive Frosted Sugar Cookie and decadent Peppermint Mocha from Scooter’s Coffee.

Day 26: Go sledding or skiing.

Day 27: Enjoy some homemade chili with a Scooter’s Coffee baked-from-scratch Cinnamon Roll and fresh Brewed Coffee.

Day 28: Volunteer your time to help someone in your community.

Day 29: Have a snowball fight.

Day 30: Go ice skating.

Day 31: Set your New Year’s resolutions for 2022.

Frosted Sugar Cookie next to board game