Scooter's Scooot Energy
Great Taste! Same Energy Boost! Reduced Calories!

Try it in your vertigo smoothie and
in all the infusion flavors:

Prickly Pear • Raspberry • Blue Raspberry • Coconut • Tropical • Sugar Free Tropical
  • Can I still get Red Bull®?

    We don’t offer Red Bull® products as a substitute, but you’ll get the same jolt of energy and enjoy crisp, refreshing tropical notes with SCOOOT! Energy.

  • What drinks contain SCOOOT! Energy?

    Enjoy SCOOOT! Energy in a Vertigo Smoothie or SCOOOT! Energy Infusion.

  • What SCOOOT! Energy Infusions flavors are available?

    SCOOOT! Energy can be infused with Prickly Pear, Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, or Coconut flavor. We also recommend topping it with Sweet Cold Foam for a unique twist.

  • What Vertigo Smoothie flavors are available?

    SCOOOT! Energy can be combined with any fruit smoothie flavor (Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Mango, Peach or Wild Berry).

  • Can I buy a can of SCOOOT! Energy?

    Currently SCOOOT! Energy is not available for individual retail but we are working to make that an option later this summer!

  • What does SCOOOT! Energy taste like?

    Scooot! Energy has a fruity Tropical flavor.

  • Can I still get the remainder of my can?

    Cans of SCOOOT! Energy are not currently labeled for sale as a retail item, but we will continue working to make them available this summer.

  • Can I buy a can of Red Bull®?

    We are now exclusively offering SCOOOT! Energy as our energy product. Original and sugar free options are available in various drink recipes, and to purchase by the can.