If we Could Bring You with Us...

Everything we do is based on the values that we at Scooter's Coffee believe in and live by. The result? A company that recognizes relationships are the foundation of our success, and at the end of the day, relationships are what really matter.

The Land

For generations, our partners have honored and farmed the lush, rolling hills of Costa Rica, the altitude and climate of which is perfect for growing coffee beans that are not only the preferred 100% Arabica beans, but are among the top 10% of those beans in the world.

Art & Science

Supported by CuCafe, an organization that advocates and assists farmers with the vast science of coffee-bean farming, family farms are able to re-invest in data-backed, continuous innovation. It's a mix of heartfelt art and super smart science.

Onsite Insight

What defines micro mills is that every step, from planting to milling, is done onsite. This allows farmers complete ownership of their craft, overseeing every detail, ensuring quality from start to finish.

The Impact

The Results of Micro Mills are Undeniable:

  • Farmers' reverence for their land and craft are given respect and autonomy, which allows them to scientifically monitor and constantly improve the soil, processes, and final product
  • Complete transparency and a trusting relationship between farmers and Scooter's Coffee
  • Scooter's Coffee pays above-market prices directly to farmers
  • More income for farmers to re-invest in their products, community, and the well being of their families
  • The knowledge, with every sip, that Scooter's Micro Mill Coffee is grown with love and crafted with integrity

Made with Love

The product: 100% Arabica beans - the richest, sweetest, most preferred beans in the world - that are among the top 10% in pure quality, with amazing aroma, depth of flavor, and clean finish.

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